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get off the ground.
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The Journeyman Hammock Camp

Get everything you need to start hammock camping in one easy purchase. 

Easy-to-hang, bug-free and waterproof, this 3-season, Journeyman Hammock Camp will provide years of warmth and comfort in the great outdoors.

Go Anywhere. Any weather. Any terrain.

The Adventure Kit

Upgrade your Journeyman Adventure Camp with a 35L Drybag Backpack and Spiral Ground Anchors (6-Pack).

Strap it to your kayak or motorcycle. Toss it in your trunk or the bed of your truck. Carry your entire camp in this one waterproof bag. There’s even room for your sleeping bag, a pillow, and your PJs!

Be ready for any terrain, including sand, with the spiral ground anchors.

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Journeyman Hammocks

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Journeyman Hammocks gets people outdoors and on adventure using simple, quality gear.

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Get Off the Ground.
It's Better Up Here.

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