About Journeyman Hammocks

Our Mission

Journeyman Hammocks gets people outdoors and on adventure using simple, quality hammock gear that makes camping warm and comfortable.

We connect like-minded adventurers. And, we teach how to hammock and travel well.  

Our Values

Every design we create, every class we teach, every journey we take are guided by the same core six values. 

  • Comfort
  • Simplicity
  • Quality
  • Exploration
  • Education 
  • Community

Our Story

Shane Stoehr, Founder of Journeyman Hammocks

Shane Stoehr


The story of our hammock gear begins with Shane’s first cross country trip with his daughter. 

They traveled from Pennsylvania to California in the Chevy Astro van. This trip reconnected Shane with his love of travel and camping and ignited a passion that would later become a business. 

In the years since, Shane has completed several cross country journeys by motorcycle. On each trip, he tested prototypes for a lightweight, durable camping system that is easy-to-use and pack on his BMW.    

Friends and travel companions started to ask questions and inquire on where they could buy Shane’s hammock camp, and Journeyman Hammocks was born.